10/12 – General Update

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Just a friendly reminder that if you are using these commands you’ll want to check back at this blog regularly. I’m sometimes posting updates to the download as often as 3-4 times a day or more depending on what I’m currently working on (there won’t always be a blog post corresponding to every update).

At the time of writing this I’m trying to address some issues with the way sites are imported and I’m spending a lot of time working on the gl-convertsubsitetositecollection code to specifically address issues related to the import2 retainobjectidentity feature. At this point I’ve concluded that there are simply too many issues with using this feature to go from a sub-site to a site collection so I’m looking to see if I can’t at least fix some of the web parts that need to be retargetted.

As this particular command has been by far the most popular of all the ones I’ve created (by a factor of 10) I strongly encourage everyone to keep checking back here for updates to that command and others. Also – if you see commands in the download that are not documented on this site then consider them incomplete. Feel free to look at them to see what I’m working on at present but I’d encourage you to not attempt to use them. I publish the source and binaries to the download server as often as I can so that any bug fixes I’ve put in place will be available quickly – but as a result you’re likely to see some things that are still works in progress (eventually I’ll move this code over to someplace like CodePlex so that others can contribute and we’ll have the benefit of source control but for now consider the code extremely fluid).