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This was a pretty simple command to create and only took me a few minutes. Basically I needed to be able to set the search center for a site collection. You can do this via the browser by going to http://[portal]/[site collection]/_layouts/enhancedSearch.aspx.  The command I created is called gl-setsearchcenter.

The code for this is beyond simple – it was just a matter of setting a string based property via the AllProperties collection:

   1: string url = Params["url"].Value;

4 thoughts on “Set Search Center

  1. i want to set Search Center according to site Variation or language of a site Collection, like if my current language is English then i should go to search center in english site, if my language is german then i should go to search center in german site.

  2. Unfortunately this is a web based property and not a user based property. You might try providing the url to a redirect page which you can then use to put your own custom login within.

  3. I have a branding question about the search center. The client want the search center pages to reflect the site theme. The theme is not only a color change but the navigation tabs are different as well. The current search center applies to all sites and sub sites. I need a second search center for some sites and the standard search center for the rest.

    Question one Will the command apply a custom search center to only specific sites.

    Question two What is a good resource on how to create the new search center.

  4. The search center property is at the web level so you can set it individually for each web. The search center itself is just a standard template so creating one is simple – you’ll need to search around for branding info.

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