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A good friend and former employee of mine has finally started blogging about what he’s doing/done with CRM.  Mark Kovalcson is an extremely bright guy who has done some extraordinary things with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  He’s only just started his blog so there’s not much there yet but if you’re into CRM or plan to be then keep an eye on Mark’s blog – expect to see great things from him.  You can find his blog here:

6 thoughts on “New CRM Blog

  1. Hi there!
    We love your new extensions and want to implement but we have a question;
    Does this add-on call/use the public APIs to perform each operation? Does it use something like reflection to call internal APIs, directly update database rows, etc.??
    Thanks much,
    Denise :o)

  2. The majority of the commands use the public API. The gl-convertsubsitetositecollection command touches the database in order to address a bug with the product that occurs during the import. Some commands do use reflection to access internal APIs. I’ve tried to note this where applicable though honestly I’ve not been very consistent with that lately.

  3. Thanks for the reply Gary!
    2 more questions please;
    Can you tell me where you mention if you have not used the public API?
    The extension to copy the navigation (gl-copynavigation)…does it only use the public API?
    Denise :o)

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