MVP for Another Year!

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I just found out that I’ve been renewed as an MVP for another year!  It’s been a crazy year – I started a new job allowing me to focus on SharePoint, I released somewhere around one hundred new STSADM commands, new PowerShell Cmdlets, lots of sample scripts, and two CodePlex projects (and that’s just the stuff I did on the side during my “free” time).  I’m looking forward to this new year and hopefully, as I start doing more speaking at conferences, I’ll have a chance to see and thank a lot of the people that have supported my efforts with their great feedback through this blog.

Happy New Year!!!

9 thoughts on “MVP for Another Year!

  1. Much deserved. I can’t tell you how many times I stood back and said “those stsadm commands are a fine piece of work and has saved my hide.”

    Ok, actually I can. 3,718.

  2. First time here,Love your articles but i’m a newer of Moss2007 ,xixi.nice to know you.
    Now i’m having a problem,could you give me some advice? when i want to backup “My Site” of a Web Application, actually the “my profile” whose url is “http://host portal/person.aspx?accountname= Domain\username” is not backuped. so after restoring/importing backuped data to another web application, the “My Site” does not as what it was.
    thanks very much!

  3. Possibly a little late to comment but I must say, everyone I know uses your commands. Absolutely essential. Fantastic work

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