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I was having dinner the other night with lots of super star SharePoint MVPs where I ended up sitting next to Joel Oleson, Todd Baginski and Jason Medero – it wasn’t long and the subject of Twitter came up.  Todd had just signed up the night before so I was able to get some insight from those who have been using it for quite some time as well as someone like Todd who just made the plunge.  I’d been considering doing the twitter thing but just hadn’t made the commitment to do it – well, after talking to them I decided to go ahead and get myself setup:

I figure I’ll mainly use it as a micro-blog for the stuff I’m doing – for example, I often push out builds to my extensions but don’t write a blog post explaining what changed as it’s usually just minor bug fixes, enhancements, or tweaks.  So if you use my stuff you definitely want to follow me so that you can stay more up to date on the changes that I make.

Happy Twittering 🙂

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