PowerPivot Application Pool Crashes on Data Refresh

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When troubleshooting SharePoint, you often have to dig several levels deep to discover the root of an issue. Recently one of my clients was running into an issue where the IIS application pool that was associated with their PowerPivot service application was crashing regularly at a specific time (within a minute or two) every day. Before looking into it we immediately suspected something was up with a scheduled data refresh, just given the timing of […]

“Stamping” PDF Files Downloaded from SharePoint 2010

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First off I want to clarify that the subject of this post is not my idea as it is something that my friend Roman Kobzarev put together for his company and I merely assisted with getting the code to work. The problem that Roman was trying to solve was that his company provided numerous PDF files that registered/paying members could download and, unfortunately, they were finding some of those files being posted to various other […]

Monitor SharePoint User Profile Changes

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Today I got my copy of the May 2011 edition of SharePoint Pro magazine and was pleased to find the “Monitor SharePoint User Profile Changes” article that I co-wrote with my buddy Matthew McDermott! The cool thing for me is that this is my first ever magazine article so I’m very excited! You can find the article online at the SharePoint Pro site: http://www.sharepointpromag.com/article/sharepoint/monitor-sharepoint-user-profile-changes-129846. Note that for some reason the online version of the article […]

Service Accounts and Managed Service Accounts in SharePoint 2010

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With SharePoint 2010 we now have the ability to allow SharePoint to manage various service accounts thus foregoing the need to have IT administrators manually manage password changes. This new feature is a great benefit to SharePoint administrators and security conscious admins in general as it allows us to easily enforce our corporate security policies by changing these passwords on a schedule, and the administrators don’t even know what the password is so the likelihood […]

SharePoint 2010 Service Application Charts

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I, along with Paul Stork, recently gave a SharePoint 2010 deployment webcast where we discussed, among other things, Service Applications and some of the considerations that must be taken into account when planning your deployment strategy. We also presented a first look at SharePoint Composer and SharePoint Maestro, the two core products that ShareSquared has been developing for close to a year now. During the presentation we mentioned that there were some great charts available […]

Creating Custom SharePoint 2010 Cmdlets using Visual Studio 2010

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With SharePoint 2010 we now have the ability to create custom PowerShell cmdlets that can be deployed just like any other SharePoint artifact using SharePoint Solution Packages (WSP) created with Visual Studio 2010. With SharePoint 2007 it was necessary to build a custom setup (MSI) package which had to be run on every server in the farm. This setup package would register a custom snap-in that you’d have to create which would be responsible for […]

SharePoint 2010: PSConfig and PowerShell

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The information in this article is based on BETA 2 of SharePoint 2010 – there may be differences with the RTM release. Update 12/18/2009: I’ve updated the post to reflect BETA 2 changes and have considerably simplified the script removing all the dependencies on helper functions so that the core pieces required to build a basic farm are focused on rather than the complex elements to support tracing and error handling as I previously had […]

SharePoint 2010: STSADM and PowerShell

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The information in this article is based on BETA 2 of SharePoint 2010 – there will likely be differences with the RTM release. Finally, the NDA is lifted and we can openly talk about SharePoint 2010! There’s so many cool things to talk about it’s hard to decide where to begin, but as the focus of my blog has generally been on STSADM then I suppose that’s a good place to start. The first thing […]

Custom SharePoint 2007 Site Collection Creation Page

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A lot of people that are using SharePoint 2007 (WSS or MOSS) for collaboration have either enabled self service site creation in which they allow their end-users to create a page using the scsignup.aspx page or they have some process in place in which an IT administrator creates site collections for their users.  Usually companies go the later route due to limitations with the self service site creation process; specifically, you cannot have the site […]

Deploying SharePoint Files Not Handled by the WSP Solution Schema

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I was working on a project recently where I had to deploy a settings file to the root of my web applications folder (where the web.config file resides).  If you’ve ever had to do something like this before then you know that you cannot do this declaratively using the WSP’s Solution schema.  The Solution schema is really quite limiting as to where you can actually deploy files – as a result your only option is […]