“_ULS_EXPAND_FORCED_LOGGING_MESSAGES_” Environment Variable Explained

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Have you ever been looking through the SharePoint ULS logs trying to troubleshoot one issue or another and come across entries such as this: [Forced due to logging gap, Original Level: <TraceLevel>] <Some message> {0} I was recently working with a client who noticed an message like this in the ULS logs and was baffled by the fact that the {0} was not being replaced with the relevant data referred to in the message text. […]

Parallel SharePoint Tasks with PowerShell

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Today I was working on a deployment for a client which entailed activating a custom SharePoint Feature on about 1000 Site Collections. This Feature did a fair number of things and on average it takes about 10-15 minutes to complete in their test environment (which is pretty slow compared to their production environment which I’ve not yet deployed to but I expect close to a 5 minute run time per Site Collection once I go […]

Announcing My SharePoint 2013 Custom Cmdlets

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I’ve been putting this off for quite a while but I’ve finally pushed out a SharePoint 2013 build of my custom cmdlets. The reason it took so long was because I had to make a fair bit of changes to my existing stuff so that it would be easier to maintain both builds going forward. Specifically I needed to change the namespace of all the classes (which had 2010 in them) and I wanted to […]

“Stamping” PDF Files Downloaded from SharePoint 2010

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First off I want to clarify that the subject of this post is not my idea as it is something that my friend Roman Kobzarev put together for his company and I merely assisted with getting the code to work. The problem that Roman was trying to solve was that his company provided numerous PDF files that registered/paying members could download and, unfortunately, they were finding some of those files being posted to various other […]

Resetting SharePoint 2010 Themes

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UPDATE 8/20/2011: I’ve reworked this script and included it as part of my SharePoint 2010 cmdlet downloads. See “Resetting SharePoint 2010 Themes – Part 2, the Reset-SPTheme cmdlet” for details. One of my current clients is a local school district here in Denver and we (Aptillon) have recently helped them release a new public facing site for the main district office as well as all the schools in the district. The district has chosen a […]

SharePoint 2010 SP1 Public API Changes

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I recently published a post detailing the SharePoint 2010 SP1 PowerShell changes and, in that post, I mentioned that I was probably going to detail the API changes. Well, here they are. Note that the list below is not a comprehensive one in that I’m not showing every assembly (I do have the changes for every assembly but frankly I just got tired of translating the results into a readable format so I kept it […]

SharePoint Server 2010 Service Pack 1 PowerShell Changes

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As most people know by now, Service Pack 1 for SharePoint 2010 was released to the public today. There’s already been a lot of hype over some of the new capabilities such as the site recycle bin and some folks have documented/demonstrated some of the new PowerShell cmdlets that are available to manage this new feature; but what about all the other new and changed PowerShell cmdlets – there’s a bunch! So, let’s take a […]

Monitor SharePoint User Profile Changes

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Today I got my copy of the May 2011 edition of SharePoint Pro magazine and was pleased to find the “Monitor SharePoint User Profile Changes” article that I co-wrote with my buddy Matthew McDermott! The cool thing for me is that this is my first ever magazine article so I’m very excited! You can find the article online at the SharePoint Pro site: http://www.sharepointpromag.com/article/sharepoint/monitor-sharepoint-user-profile-changes-129846. Note that for some reason the online version of the article […]