PowerPivot Application Pool Crashes on Data Refresh

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When troubleshooting SharePoint, you often have to dig several levels deep to discover the root of an issue. Recently one of my clients was running into an issue where the IIS application pool that was associated with their PowerPivot service application was crashing regularly at a specific time (within a minute or two) every day. Before looking into it we immediately suspected something was up with a scheduled data refresh, just given the timing of […]

“_ULS_EXPAND_FORCED_LOGGING_MESSAGES_” Environment Variable Explained

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Have you ever been looking through the SharePoint ULS logs trying to troubleshoot one issue or another and come across entries such as this: [Forced due to logging gap, Original Level: <TraceLevel>] <Some message> {0} I was recently working with a client who noticed an message like this in the ULS logs and was baffled by the fact that the {0} was not being replaced with the relevant data referred to in the message text. […]

SharePoint 2013 Version

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So today I was doing some SharePoint 2013 app development against my Office 365 SharePoint 2013 tenant and I needed to view the HTTP traffic from the site in order to troubleshoot some issues I was having and I stumbled across something I found very interesting when I looked at the header details in Fiddler: Yup, that’s right – my tenant is on SharePoint 16 – not 15 which is the current public release of […]

Parallel SharePoint Tasks with PowerShell

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Today I was working on a deployment for a client which entailed activating a custom SharePoint Feature on about 1000 Site Collections. This Feature did a fair number of things and on average it takes about 10-15 minutes to complete in their test environment (which is pretty slow compared to their production environment which I’ve not yet deployed to but I expect close to a 5 minute run time per Site Collection once I go […]

Provisioning Search on SharePoint 2013 Foundation Using PowerShell

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There was recently a twitter conversation between @cacallahan, @toddklindt, and @brianlala discussing provisioning Search on SharePoint Foundation and whether it was possible or not and somewhere during the conversation it was suggested that I might know how to do this (sorry guys for not responding immediately) – unfortunately I hadn’t actually done any work with SharePoint 2013 Foundation yet and so had not yet tried and thus didn’t know the answer (I knew there were […]

Announcing My SharePoint 2013 Custom Cmdlets

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I’ve been putting this off for quite a while but I’ve finally pushed out a SharePoint 2013 build of my custom cmdlets. The reason it took so long was because I had to make a fair bit of changes to my existing stuff so that it would be easier to maintain both builds going forward. Specifically I needed to change the namespace of all the classes (which had 2010 in them) and I wanted to […]

SharePoint 2013 PowerShell Cmdlets: Changes from Public Preview to RTM

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In a recent post I detailed all the PowerShell changes from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 Public Preview (part 1, part 2) – well, apparently I should have held off a couple of weeks because I’m now running the RTM version of SharePoint 2013 and have found that they have made a ton more changes. I don’t want to go through all the 2010 to 2013 changes again so instead I’ll just detail what has […]

PowerShell V3: A Few of My Favorite Things

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Now that SharePoint 2013 has been released to manufacturing and will be available for download soon I figured I’d go ahead and put together a quick post pointing out some of my favorite PowerShell V3 enhancements that you can use to improve your command-line usage of PowerShell as well as your automation scripts. PowerShell V3 + SharePoint 2010 The first thing I wanted to do before I get into some of the new stuff was […]

SharePoint 2013 Public Preview PowerShell Cmdlets (Part 2)

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UPDATE 10/25/2012: See SharePoint 2013 PowerShell Cmdlets: Changes from Public Preview to RTM for additional changes with SharePoint 2013 RTM. In my last post I identified all the new and removed cmdlets in SharePoint 2013 Public Preview. In this post I will identify all the cmdlets which have changed in some way from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013. This process was extremely tedious so it’s possible I’ve missed some things (in some cases parameters were […]

SharePoint 2013 Public Preview PowerShell Cmdlets (Part 1)

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UPDATE 10/25/2012: See SharePoint 2013 PowerShell Cmdlets: Changes from Public Preview to RTM for additional changes with SharePoint 2013 RTM. In this first of two articles I will be identifying the cmdlets that have been removed in SharePoint 2013 Public Preview as well as all the new cmdlets that have been added. In my follow-up article I will identify all the cmdlets which have been changed (a much more tedious exercise). Note: To compile this […]