Upgrading User Profile Choice Fields to SharePoint 2010

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I’m working on an upgrade (database attach) for a client of mine and I ran into something somewhat unexpected with some User Profile properties – properties that used a choice field in 2007 (fields that allowed the administrator to define a list of values that the user could pick from) were migrated to Managed Term Store based fields when upgraded. At first glance this was pretty cool; the only problem was that, though the field […]

Deploying SharePoint 2010 Solution Package Using PowerShell (Revisited)

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If you were at my PowerShell for developers talk at the European SharePoint Best Practices Conference last week then you’ll know that I’ve never been all that happy with how I was approaching Farm Solution deployment, as detailed in an earlier post from sometime last year (Deploying SharePoint 2010 Solution Packages Using PowerShell). So what are some of the issues I have with what I created? Here’s a quick list: There are two functions – […]

Retrieving SharePoint 2010 Feature Activations Using Windows PowerShell

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During my PowerShell for Developers presentation in London last week I promised to show and demonstrate a script for retrieving Feature activations; unfortunately I ran out of time and was not able to show this script to the degree that I’d intended so I decided to throw together this blog post. When developing custom Features it is very common to expect that there will need to be some level of update required for those Features. […]

Creating PowerShell Help Files Dynamically

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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything useful due to all my writing efforts going to the book that I’ve been working on. However, I’ve recently wrapped up my last chapter for the book so I figured what better time to start focusing on my blog again. The first thing I wanted to cover was something that I should have documented back in May of 2010 when I released my SharePoint 2010 cmdlets and […]

Service Accounts and Managed Service Accounts in SharePoint 2010

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With SharePoint 2010 we now have the ability to allow SharePoint to manage various service accounts thus foregoing the need to have IT administrators manually manage password changes. This new feature is a great benefit to SharePoint administrators and security conscious admins in general as it allows us to easily enforce our corporate security policies by changing these passwords on a schedule, and the administrators don’t even know what the password is so the likelihood […]

Getting an Inventory of All SharePoint Documents Using Windows PowerShell

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I got an email today asking if I had anything that would generate a report detailing all the documents throughout an entire SharePoint Farm. As this wasn’t the first time I’ve been asked this same question I decided that I’d just go ahead and post the script for generating such a report. The script is really quite straightforward – it simply iterates through all Web Applications, Site Collections, Webs, Lists, and finally, List Items. I […]

Deploying SharePoint 2010 Solution Packages Using PowerShell

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Update 4/19/2011: I’ve reworked this script completely. You can find the update here: http://blog.falchionconsulting.com/index.php/2011/04/deploying-sharepoint-2010-solution-package-using-powershell-revisited/ With SharePoint 2010 we can now deploy our Solution Packages using PowerShell. What’s cool about this is that it’s a bit easier than it was with 2007 to check if a package is already deployed and conditionally retract, delete, and then re-add and re-deploy. By now most people already know how to do this as it’s fairly straightforward but I thought […]

SharePoint 2010 Service Application Charts

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I, along with Paul Stork, recently gave a SharePoint 2010 deployment webcast where we discussed, among other things, Service Applications and some of the considerations that must be taken into account when planning your deployment strategy. We also presented a first look at SharePoint Composer and SharePoint Maestro, the two core products that ShareSquared has been developing for close to a year now. During the presentation we mentioned that there were some great charts available […]

Announcing My SharePoint 2010 PowerShell Cmdlets & STSADM Commands Now Available for Download

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I’ve been wanting to release the SharePoint 2010 version of my STSADM extensions for quite some time but honestly just haven’t had the time to migrate as many as I would have liked. With over 145 STSADM extensions for SharePoint 2007 it was a challenge determining which ones I should focus on initially for the migration. But today I’m happy to announce my initial release which contains 46 PowerShell cmdlets and 56 STSADM commands specific […]

Discovering Who Has Access to SharePoint 2010 Securable Objects

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I’ve talked on several occasions about how we can easily use the SharePoint 2010 object model (OM) to discover who has access to a securable object (SPWeb, SPList, or SPListItem) and the fact that we can use the same mechanisms within PowerShell to create useful security/audit reports. On some of those occasions I’ve shown a version of a PowerShell script which gives you a dump to the screen or a text file of every securable […]