Windows PowerShell Cheat Sheet

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While preparing for my two PowerShell talks that I presented at the European SharePoint Best Practices Conference last week in London, I soon discovered that I had way too much content to present. Specifically, I wanted to begin both talks with a “PowerShell 101” piece where I walked through some of the more basic concepts relevant to each audience (mainly those that I always got tripped up on); unfortunately there’s just too many things to […]

4th Grade Math and PowerShell

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My 10 year old daughter came home from school today with a simple math problem that she had to solve and she asked if there was an easier way to solve the problem. Basically the teacher explained that the number six was a perfect number because the sum of it’s factors (excluding itself) is equal to the number and she wanted to know what the next perfect number was. The kids basically had to go […]

Setting PowerShell Switch Parameters Dynamically

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I’ve been doing a lot of configuration driven PowerShell scripts lately and I had a bit of trouble figuring this bit out so I thought I’d write up a short post about it.  A lot of the cmdlets that I’ve been working with take in switch parameters and I needed a way to set those parameters dynamically based on settings in a configuration file.  For those new or unfamiliar with PowerShell, switch parameters are just […]