SharePoint Evolution Conference 2013

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Today I finally got around to booking my travel for my favorite SharePoint conference – the SharePoint Evolution Conference in London England. For the third year in a row I have the honor of being able to present, and once again I’ll be covering the PowerShell side of things at the conference. Normally I tend to do more of a deep dive when I present but this time I’ll be stepping back a bit and […]

I’m Speaking at SharePoint Live!, December 10-14 in Orlando

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I’ll be speaking at a brand new SharePoint conference for SharePoint administrators, developers and planners – SharePoint Live!, December 10-14 in Orlando, FL. I’ll be presenting the following sessions: Getting Started with PowerShell for SharePoint This session will provide an introduction to PowerShell and how to use it with SharePoint 2010 and 2013. We’ll cover basic PowerShell syntax, discovery, and scripting as well as new features introduced with PowerShell v3 and SharePoint 2013. Throughout […]

International SharePoint Conference 2012 Follow-up

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First off I apologize for the delay in getting this post out – I’ve been fraught with injuries and illness since my return from London and just haven’t had the time or mental capacity to think about writing anything. During my sessions at the ISC I demonstrated (along with Spence Harbar and Chan Kulathilake) how we could use PowerShell to provision the entire SharePoint 2010 Farm used throughout the IT track at the conference (yeah, […]

SharePoint Saturday Denver 2011 Slide Decks

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Last weekend I had a great time at SharePoint Friday/Saturday Denver 2011 – all the folks who helped organize the event did a fantastic job (and I have to say, it was nice this year not being one of the organizers as I was able to just enjoy the event for once which makes me appreciate their efforts even more). So, at the event I presented two talks, one on PowerShell (of course) and the […]

European SharePoint Best Practices Conference Wrap Up

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I just got back from London and all I can say is, “Wow!” This was the first time that myself and my wife and daughter have ever been out of the US and we had an absolute blast – we did so much walking that we literally wore our shoes thin – it’s truly an amazing place with incredible history everywhere you turn. As for the conference itself, first off I want to thank Steve […]

November 2010 SharePoint Connections Decks and Code

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The past few weeks have been very busy for me as I’ve just finished presenting at two different conferences, and as I don’t typically present at conferences this was kind of a big deal for me. You can get my slides for SPTechCon, the conference I spoke at in late October from my earlier post, and if you’re looking for the slides and code from SharePoint Connections, which I just returned from you can find […]

SPTechCon Decks

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I just wrapped up a couple of quick days at SPTechCon in Boston and had a great time! I don’t make it to too many conferences so it was great to see old friends again and of course I loved visiting Boston as once upon a time I used to live not too far from Boston and worked in the heart of the Boston financial district for quite some time. While at the conference I […]

Webinars, Pod Shows, and User Group Meetings

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I don’t usually do a lot of speaking or presenting but recently a lot of opportunities have come my way so if you’re interested in hearing me talk about SharePoint check out any of the following upcoming events: SharePoint 2010 Readiness Webinar – 3/30/2010 This coming Tuesday, March 30th, I’ll be co-presenting a webinar with Paul Stork, Fellow MVP and ShareSquared employee. We’ve got close to 1700 people registered for this webinar (yup, I’m freaking […]

I’m speaking at TEC 2010 – See you there!

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I’m happy to announce that I will be speaking at the SharePoint Conference at The Experts Conference TEC 2010. Dates: April 25-28 Location: JW Marriott Hotel Los Angeles at L.A. Live Details: SharePoint The Experts Conference Keynotes: Bill Baer SharePoint Team & MCM Instructor, Joel Oleson MCTS, Michael Noel MVP, Ben Curry MVP, Mike Watson former MCM Instructor Featured Speakers: Gary Lapointe MVP, Dan Lewis, Zlatan Dzinic MVP, Rick Taylor MCT, Ram Gopinathan Microsoft MCM […]

SharePoint Saturday Denver 2009 Slide Deck

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I recently presented at the SharePoint Saturday Denver event where I, rather rapidly, went through some SharePoint 2010 PowerShell stuff – the presentation was not meant as a general PowerShell overview but instead assumed that you already had at least a basic knowledge of PowerShell in general so that we could focus on SharePoint specific things. In the presentation I went over how to find the SharePoint cmdlets, threading and disposal issues, usage scenarios, remoting, […]