MVP Summit 2009

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I had an absolutely great time at the MVP Summit this year.  It was great being able to sit with the product teams and see all the absolutely spectacular stuff that they’ve been working on.  I’m truly excited to start working with it and I know my customers are going to love the new features.  There’s a few things here and there that I hope gets changed before RTM but in the grand scheme of […]

Follow Me On Twitter

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I was having dinner the other night with lots of super star SharePoint MVPs where I ended up sitting next to Joel Oleson, Todd Baginski and Jason Medero – it wasn’t long and the subject of Twitter came up.  Todd had just signed up the night before so I was able to get some insight from those who have been using it for quite some time as well as someone like Todd who just made […]

I’ll be Speaking at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference

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Catch me at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference in San Diego, California.  The conference will be held February 2-4, 2009.  I’ll be presenting two topics, both currently scheduled for the last day, Wednesday: IA260, Using Content Types to Improve Discoverability Content Types are one of the great new features included with SharePoint 2007 and they can be used to serve many different needs.  In this session we will discuss some best practices and lessons learned […]

New CRM Blog

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A good friend and former employee of mine has finally started blogging about what he’s doing/done with CRM.  Mark Kovalcson is an extremely bright guy who has done some extraordinary things with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  He’s only just started his blog so there’s not much there yet but if you’re into CRM or plan to be then keep an eye on Mark’s blog – expect to see great things from him.  You can find his […]

10/12 – General Update

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Just a friendly reminder that if you are using these commands you’ll want to check back at this blog regularly. I’m sometimes posting updates to the download as often as 3-4 times a day or more depending on what I’m currently working on (there won’t always be a blog post corresponding to every update). At the time of writing this I’m trying to address some issues with the way sites are imported and I’m spending […]

General Update

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I’ve made numerous changes to most (not all) of the commands. Most of the commands now inherit from SPOperation so they now benefit from the better error handling and command argument processing. As of the time of writing this post the following commands do NOT inherit from SPOperation (still are directly implementing ISPStsadmCommand): DisableUserPermissionForWebApp EnableUserPermissionForWebApp SetSelfServiceSiteCreation CreateQuotaTemplate EditQuotaTemplate ConnectToPortalSite SetMasterSiteDirectory SetSiteDirectoryScanViewUrls EnumTimerJobDefinitions GetJobInfo GetJobInfos RunTimerJob SetJobSchedule Gen2003To2007ProfilePropertyMap Migrate2003ProfilesTo2007 I’ve also changed all the code that […]

Why an STSADM Blog?

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So this is my first posting to my first blog. I’ve been wanting to start blogging for quite some time now but either haven’t found the time or the inspiration. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of SharePoint work for the company I work for (Edfinancial Services). We are preparing to go from SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to MOSS 2007. For our purposes we’ve decided to do a gradual upgrade. However, our current taxonomy leaves […]