New Issue with STSADM MergeContentDB

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I just saw this post on the SharePoint forums: – it appears that there’s a possibility for data corruption when using the STSADM mergecontentdb command.  The post details a few things you can do to reduce the possibility of corruption when using the command but it would appear that the hidden message is to use Backup/Restore until a fix is released.

Don’t Use the PrepareToMove STSADM Command

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Todd Carter just published an interesting post about when to use, and more appropriately, not use the preparetomove command:  Essentially if you have at least the Infrastructure Update (IU) installed then using this command will cause you issues.  See Todd’s post for more details.

gl-fixpagecontact Deprecated!!!

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Woohoo! – I finally get to deprecate one of my commands – after creating and publishing 135 commands I discovered today that the August Cumulative Update fixes the issue that my gl-fixpagecontact command sought to address.  If you look back at the post for that command you can see that there was a bug with the product which resulted in a user not found exception being thrown when looking at the settings of a publishing […]

Windows Server 2008 Default Impersonation Level Must Be Identify

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If you’re configuring a Windows Server 2008 environment with SharePoint 2007 and are planning on using Kerberos make sure that you do NOT set the default impersonation level for the server to delegate as recommended in this support article: (note that Microsoft is working on updating this support article to reflect the differences with Windows Server 2008).  If you do make this change then you will run into all kinds of issues with timer […]

Importing Profile Properties

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The project that I’m currently on has a test environment in which many configurations were made to the user profile properties settings.  I just began the process of building out their production environment and was faced with a minor issue – how do I get all the settings that have been applied to the test environments profile properties migrated to the production environment in a reliable and repeatable way?  I took a look around and […]

Fixing Invalid Page Contacts

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Update 12/29/2008:  This command has been deprecated – the issues described below have been resolved with the August 2008 Cumulative Update ( and I’ve been doing a lot of migration work these days and if you’ve ever had to migrate content from one farm (or site collection) to another you know that all sorts of things can go wrong (many of which have been documented in one form or another on this blog).  One […]

Fun with Variations

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I’ve recently done a lot of work with my current client to get SharePoint variations working and as a result I’ve learned that you need to be very patient and persistent and keep a full bottle of Excedrin nearby.  Though this post is not directly related to stsadm extensions the results of my efforts on this project produced a couple of new commands which I’ll touch upon here and detail in a follow-up post.  Before […]

BUG: Absolute Path Information Required

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I got an interesting email the other day from Chakir Said regarding a bug that he encountered with SharePoint. He mis-typed the folder path for the web application and unfortunately the UI page has no validation to make sure that a valid path was specified. The result was that a web application was partially created and the invalid path was preventing the web application from being deleted – any attempts to delete would result in […]

SPLimitedWebPartManager.Dispose() bug

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I found what I believe to be a bug and figured I’d pass along my findings. If you’re working with the SPLimitedWebPartManager object and call Dispose() on it there’s a minor problem – the Dispose() method does not dispose of the SPWeb object that gets loaded up – if you’re only using one instance this isn’t much of a problem but if you’re doing a lot of looping then you’ll eventually run out of memory […]

Delete a List Using “forcedeletelist”

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I’ve noticed a lot of people looking for a way to delete a list (based on search terms used to hit my blog). There’s a built in command called "forcedeletelist" which will do the trick. Note that there’s a bug with the help message for the command: C:\>stsadm -help forcedeletelist stsadm.exe -o forcedeleteweb -url <url> Notice above that it says "forcedeleteweb" – have no fear though – it won’t delete your web – it’s just […]