Download My Custom Extensions Source From CodePlex

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I’ve been putting this off for a long time but I decided that it was time to push my source code for my custom STSADM commands and PowerShell CmdLets to CodePlex.  You can find the project here: Note that if you want to download the latest tested release you should still do so from my downloads page on this blog but if you want to see the version history or get some checked in […]

Web Part Page History CodePlex Project

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Have you ever been working with a web part page (either a standard web part page or a publishing page) and made a bunch of changes to your web part configurations and content over a period of time only to realize sometime down the road that you need to revert to a previous version?  You then go to the version history for the page and find the one you want, do the revert and then […]

Roll your own custom stsadm extensions

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I decided I would make it easier for people who wish to create their own stsadm templates. I’ve gone ahead and created a CodePlex project ( where you can download a starter project based on my custom commands. I thought about doing this as a Visual Studio template but I both didn’t have the time and didn’t think there would be enough demand to create lots of these projects so I figured a simple project […]