Delete List Field

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One of the things I’ve been working on recently was trying to get the site directory into a useable state post upgrade. The main issue I needed to address was that the upgrade resulted in duplicate columns for Division and Region. The duplication was because the default Site Directory template creates columns with a display name of Division (and Region) but the internal name is DivisionMulti (and RegionMulti). So when the upgrade moved the source […]

Fix Publishing Pages Page Layout URL

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This command was created to fix an issue with our upgraded sites as well as issues I discovered with sites that had been imported to new farms. What happened was that after the upgrade (or an import) the Page Layout URL (page.ListItem[FieldId.PageLayout]) for various publishing pages was pointing to the wrong place. This didn’t prevent the page from loading as the Layout property of the page was referencing the correct PageLayout object – what failed […]

Copy Content Types

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This turned out to be a lot more challenging than I was expecting it to be. Duplicating a content type required that I learn a lot about how to programmatically create things like site columns and workflows associations and policies. I also had to do a lot of reverse engineering to figure out seemingly simple things such as how the document information panel and document templates are stored. In some cases copying elements became as […]