Creating a SharePoint 2010 Site Structure Using PowerShell

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In a previous post I detailed how to use PowerShell to perform what would be otherwise done using PSConfig to create an initial SharePoint Farm. In this post I will continue the example and show how to create your web applications using a simple XML configuration file and a reusable script. Like the previous example I have a very basic XML file that defines my web application structure. In this example I’ve included not only […]

Moving Databases, the Easy Way!

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I’ve seen this come up a lot so I figured I’d write a short post about it.  A lot of people have been asking how to move their databases to a new server and to do this the way most people are prescribing you’ve got a lot of reading and a lot of steps to perform.  The following two post provide just a couple of examples of the numerous steps and issues to consider:!6D62FC28E76BE4B!230.entry […]

Create Site in Database

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So you’ve got a content database (perhaps you used the gl-createcontentdb command) and now you want to create a site collection in that database. Problem is that you can’t do this easily via the browser and you definitely can’t do it via stsadm. There is a createsiteinnewdb command and a createsite command but the first will create a new database and the second will put the site collection in the "best match" database. But you […]

Create Content Database

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It’s pretty easy to create a content database via the browser and you can create a new content database easily enough when creating a new site collection via stsadm, createsiteinnewdb, or directly using addcontentdb. But what if you need to script the creation of a new content database without creating a site collection and you need to set some of the properties found via the browser that addcontentdb doesn’t provide? To do this I created […]