Getting (and taking ownership of) Checked Out Files using Windows PowerShell

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Often when I’m working on a project I need to generate a list of all checked out files and provide that to my client just prior to release to production. Sometimes the client will manually inspect each of them and act as they see fit and other times they’ll ask me to just batch publish all of them (for which I use my Publish-SPListItems cmdlet). So, how do I generate the report for the client? […]

Deploying SharePoint Files Not Handled by the WSP Solution Schema

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I was working on a project recently where I had to deploy a settings file to the root of my web applications folder (where the web.config file resides).  If you’ve ever had to do something like this before then you know that you cannot do this declaratively using the WSP’s Solution schema.  The Solution schema is really quite limiting as to where you can actually deploy files – as a result your only option is […]

Save List Items and Files to Disk

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I’ve seen numerous examples of people needing to save all the files from a document library or custom list (containing attachments) to disk. I didn’t necessarily need the ability myself for the upgrade we are doing but I did need a quick way to generate lots of different samples to make sure that my gl-addlistitem command was working correctly. So I decided to create a new command which would make my testing easier as well […]

Re-Ghosting Pages

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After running a test upgrade I discovered that one page particular was showing up as un-ghosted (or customized) despite my setting the option to reset all pages to the site definition when I ran the upgrade. I attempted to use the browser to reset the page (in this case http://intranet/sitedirectory/lists/sites/summary.aspx) but that had no affect. I decided that I needed to get more information about how the un-ghosting process works. The first thing I needed […]