Creating List/Library Folders Programmatically

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I’ve got this method that I keep copying and pasting into different solutions so I figured I’d post it here in case someone else could benefit from it.  You would think that it would be really easy to create folders in a list or library but oddly enough (or, if you’ve done SharePoint development long enough you would say typically enough), it’s not.  So, here’s a simple little method to help you get a folder […]

Creating a List via STSADM

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I’m working on a project which involves scripting, via batch files, an intranet portal.  We wanted to script the creation of the various division and department sites along with several lists that would be needed in each site.  Eventually these site will be turned into custom site definitions using Features and Feature Stapling to provision the lists and various files but we needed something to enable us to quickly mock up a site taxonomy and […]

Presetting Lookup Field Values via a Link

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On a recent project I had a need to relate one list to another.  The first list was a document library which stored project specs and the second was a list that contained user provided scores that were used to rank the projects.  One simple requirement I had was to be able to provide a link to enter a score for a given project and have the lookup field corresponding to the project preset with […]

Setting Metadata

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In my last post I mentioned a project which required me to move documents from one list to another list in a different farm one folder at a time.  Along with that was a requirement to set various field values (metadata) based on patterns in the folder name and/or filename.  I needed a reasonably flexible way to accomplish this considering that the client didn’t actually have a clue as to what they really wanted the […]

Exporting and Importing List Folders

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Those familiar with my commands know that I’ve got a few commands that I created to handle the exporting and importing of list items and lists using the content deployment API.  If you’re familiar with the API then you know that there’s also an option to export and import list folders.  Until a few weeks ago I didn’t have a need for this so I hadn’t bothered leveraging it but then I got a project […]

Minor Update

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I’ve pushed out a minor update to my code which affects several commands.  Any command that took in an URL to a list view will now work with an URL to the list folder or the list view.  For example, the gl-publishitems command will work using either of the two syntaxes: stsadm -o gl-publishitems -url http://demo/pages/forms/allitems.aspx -scope list stsadm -o gl-publishitems -url http://demo/pages -scope list This is the case for all of my commands that […]

Import List Security

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If you saw my last post, Exporting List Security Settings, then you know what this post is all about.  I needed a way to be able to copy the security settings from one variation to another or from one farm to another.  I already had my gl-copylistsecurity command which could handle the first piece of this but I needed another set of commands to handle going from one farm to another.  The first was gl-exportlistsecurity […]

Exporting List Security Settings

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I’ve been doing a lot with variations recently and have encountered numerous challenges with keeping data and lists in sync between the various variations.  One of the things that we ended up implementing on my current project was a simple event receiver which copied items from one variation to another when that item was approved.  From this you can obviously conclude that we had matching lists in each variation.  One of the challenges with this […]

Fun with Variations

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I’ve recently done a lot of work with my current client to get SharePoint variations working and as a result I’ve learned that you need to be very patient and persistent and keep a full bottle of Excedrin nearby.  Though this post is not directly related to stsadm extensions the results of my efforts on this project produced a couple of new commands which I’ll touch upon here and detail in a follow-up post.  Before […]

Export Content Types

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I was recently working on a client project where there was an environment already setup with several custom content types and custom site columns that had been created. We wanted to reverse engineer those content types and columns so that we could create a Feature that could be used to deploy them into the various environments. I poked around a bit and couldn’t find anything that would simply give me the CAML that I needed […]