Replacing Navigation URLs Using STSADM

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I was working on a project last Fall where a client of mine had a single site collection for their entire document library which was expected to be over 1TB.  As a result of the large size of the site collection we decided to break it up into multiple site collections each contained within their own content database (we ended up with 12 in the end).  The problem was that when we migrated all the […]

Recalculating Usage Statistics via STSADM or PowerShell

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I was perusing through the SharePoint forums the other day and I came across an issue that someone was having with the usage statistics information for their My Sites site collections.  When they viewed the usage data (~site/_layouts/usage.aspx) they were seeing incorrect information.  I’m not really sure why the numbers were wrong but fixing them turned out to be pretty easy.  There’s a public method called “RecalculateStorageUsed” that, when called, will recalculate the usage statistics […]

Initial Release of My SharePoint PowerShell Cmdlets

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Update 4/25/2009: I’ve removed the “-gl” suffix from all my cmdlets – any examples using the -gl in the cmdlet name should be updated. If you’ve been following my blog you’ll remember that I recently pushed out a “beta” build of some SharePoint PowerShell Cmdlets for some initial feedback and reviews.  We’ll I’ve gone ahead and incorporated the feedback that I received and I am now officially releasing the first version of my cmdlets.  The […]

gl-fixpagecontact Deprecated!!!

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Woohoo! – I finally get to deprecate one of my commands – after creating and publishing 135 commands I discovered today that the August Cumulative Update fixes the issue that my gl-fixpagecontact command sought to address.  If you look back at the post for that command you can see that there was a bug with the product which resulted in a user not found exception being thrown when looking at the settings of a publishing […]

Deactivating Features at Different Scopes Using STSADM

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I just posted about one of my new commands, gl-activatefeature, which covers activating features at different scopes using STSADM.  That article covers all the code necessary to not only implement the activation, but also the deactivation.  So creating the next command, gl-deactivatefeature, was as simple as copying the container code for the activation command and changing a few simple lines of code.  This command works exactly like the other except that it deactivates the Feature […]

Activating Features at Different Scopes Using STSADM

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How many times have you had a Feature, either out-of-the-box or custom, that you have needed to activate at lots of different scopes or re-activate at lots of different scopes?  To do this you may have found a way to get the list of site collections or webs and then somehow used that list in conjunction with the STSADM activatefeature command or worse you manually went to every site or web and manually activated or […]

A Better execadmsvcjobs STSADM Command

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This is something that’s been bugging me for a long time – when you run the out of the box execadmsvcjobs command on a server it only ensures that pending jobs on that one server are executed – when it completes it doesn’t mean that jobs on other servers in the farm have completed.  This gets real annoying when you are using a script to deploy solution because end up getting errors about pending timer […]

Change Password Script

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I’d been meaning to post this for quite some time but just haven’t gotten around to it – as paranoid administrators we often find the need to change our service account passwords and doing so with a product like SharePoint can be a rather significant effort if you consider all the various accounts that may be used in a least privileges model.  If you’re just about to make hit this situation you’re likely to do […]

Changing the Application Pool Identity via STSADM

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This past week I presented at the local Colorado Springs SharePoint User Group meeting on using and customizing STSADM.  The talk was really less about STSADM and more about SharePoint administration tips, tricks, and best practices – but we did create a new STSADM command from scratch during the meeting.  I’ve taken what we did during the meeting and reworked it to add proper validation and help documentation and have included it in my download […]