MVP Summit 2009

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I had an absolutely great time at the MVP Summit this year.  It was great being able to sit with the product teams and see all the absolutely spectacular stuff that they’ve been working on.  I’m truly excited to start working with it and I know my customers are going to love the new features.  There’s a few things here and there that I hope gets changed before RTM but in the grand scheme of […]

MVP for Another Year!

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I just found out that I’ve been renewed as an MVP for another year!  It’s been a crazy year – I started a new job allowing me to focus on SharePoint, I released somewhere around one hundred new STSADM commands, new PowerShell Cmdlets, lots of sample scripts, and two CodePlex projects (and that’s just the stuff I did on the side during my “free” time).  I’m looking forward to this new year and hopefully, as […]