Customizing MySites

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This posting doesn’t actually have anything to do with stsadm (unless you count the fact that you need stsadm to install Features) but I figured I’d post this here regardless as I’ve seen a lot of questions out there regarding how to do this. My specific requirement was to remove the "Create Blog" button on the My Sites home page. There are two ways to accomplish this – one that’s supported and one that’s not. […]

My Site Settings

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This command replaces the gl-setmysitesnamingformat command as it includes the same functionality along with additional capabilities. I had originally created the gl-setmysitesnamingformat command to address a need to set the naming format of personal sites and I originally didn’t think I’d have to worry about the other settings on the My Sites Settings page but turns out that I did need to set one other field. So rather than create another command for just one […]

Set My Sites Naming Format

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Update 9/25/2007: This command has been deprecated in favor of the gl-mysitesettings command. Update 9/18/2007: I’ve modified this command so that it no longer manipulates the database directly. The content below has been updated to reflect the changes. T his is another one of those for which there is no public API to manipulate programmatically. The command uses an internal method called CommitPersonalSiteSettings which is part of the UserProfileManager class (I had to use reflection […]