Replacing Navigation URLs Using STSADM

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I was working on a project last Fall where a client of mine had a single site collection for their entire document library which was expected to be over 1TB.  As a result of the large size of the site collection we decided to break it up into multiple site collections each contained within their own content database (we ended up with 12 in the end).  The problem was that when we migrated all the […]

Set Navigation Settings

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A while back I had created a command which allowed you to set the navigation elements/nodes for a given site. The command allowed you to also set a couple of basic switches that appear on the Site Navigation Settings page (Home > Site Settings > Modify Navigation) but it didn’t allow you to set all the flags. I thought about possibly modifying this command to allow all the flags to be set but then decided […]

Move Web

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As part of my upgrade I’ve got several hundred web sites that need to be moved around (either from one web application to another or just to a different location with the same web app or site collection). I figured that I needed an easy way to do this – the usual way is to either use the browser and go to the content and structure page to move webs around within a site collection […]

More Site Navigation Settings Commands

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Last month I created a couple pretty basic commands to help me with setting the navigational elements of my site: "gl-enumnavigation" and "gl-addnavigationnode". You can find information about those commands here: Site Navigation Settings. As I worked more on my upgraded site I found that what I really needed was a way to make drastic changes using an XML file rather than trying to add or remove one item at a time (note that I […]

Site Navigation Settings

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Setting the navigation is another common post upgrade/deployment task that should be easy to script. One of the challenges in using the commands I created was that it’s necessary to know the node ID of the navigational elements. There’s probably ways to change this to use the name rather than the ID but you can run into trouble when dealing with items with the same name. To set the navigation using the web interface go […]