Provisioning Search on SharePoint 2013 Foundation Using PowerShell

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There was recently a twitter conversation between @cacallahan, @toddklindt, and @brianlala discussing provisioning Search on SharePoint Foundation and whether it was possible or not and somewhere during the conversation it was suggested that I might know how to do this (sorry guys for not responding immediately) – unfortunately I hadn’t actually done any work with SharePoint 2013 Foundation yet and so had not yet tried and thus didn’t know the answer (I knew there were […]

Starting the SharePoint 2010 Foundation Search Service using PowerShell

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It’s been a while since my last real SharePoint 2010 scripting post but we’re getting close to RTM so I figured I need to buckle down and play some catch up and get some long overdue posts published. So, continuing my series of posts on scripting the various services and service applications within SharePoint 2010 I decided that I would share something that I know a lot of people have been struggling with recently – […]

Creating a SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Search Service Application using PowerShell

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The information in this post is specific to SharePoint 2010 Beta 2 and may need adjusting for the RTM version. In an effort to continue with my previous posts where I demonstrated how to build a basic farm and it’s site structure using XML configuration files and PowerShell for SharePoint 2010 I would like to now share how to create a search service application. An automated install of the service applications is, without a doubt, […]

Updating the Default Content Access Account via STSADM

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This is one that I’ve been wanting to address for a while and I finally decided to sit down and just do it.  If you’ve had your environment in place long enough to have to change the passwords you know that you can change most of the passwords using the out of the box STSADM commands – many refer to this support article from Microsoft on how to do this: Because there’s so many […]

Search Scopes and Rules

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Our previous environment had just one web application and no existing search scopes beyond the default ones. With our upgrade we wanted to (finally) take advantage of search scopes to help filter the result sets and make searches more relevant. In order to make the creation of scopes scriptable I needed three new commands: gl-createsearchscope, gl-updatesearchscope, and gl-addsearchrule. I thought about creating commands to support editing and deleting but as I don’t currently have the […]

Set Search Center

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This was a pretty simple command to create and only took me a few minutes. Basically I needed to be able to set the search center for a site collection. You can do this via the browser by going to http://[portal]/[site collection]/_layouts/enhancedSearch.aspx.  The command I created is called gl-setsearchcenter. The code for this is beyond simple – it was just a matter of setting a string based property via the AllProperties collection: 1: string url […]