Import List Security

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If you saw my last post, Exporting List Security Settings, then you know what this post is all about.  I needed a way to be able to copy the security settings from one variation to another or from one farm to another.  I already had my gl-copylistsecurity command which could handle the first piece of this but I needed another set of commands to handle going from one farm to another.  The first was gl-exportlistsecurity […]

Exporting List Security Settings

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I’ve been doing a lot with variations recently and have encountered numerous challenges with keeping data and lists in sync between the various variations.  One of the things that we ended up implementing on my current project was a simple event receiver which copied items from one variation to another when that item was approved.  From this you can obviously conclude that we had matching lists in each variation.  One of the challenges with this […]

Set Anonymous Access

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If you’re trying to configure a site for anonymous access via stsadm you can get most of the way using the out of the box "extendvs" (or my createwebapp) and "authentication" commands. The problem is that this only enables the web application for anonymous access but it doesn’t "turn it on" at the site collection or web level. To complete the process I created a new command: gl-setanonymousaccess. There are three levels that you can […]

Add User Policy for Web Application

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I needed to create this command in order to solve an odd permissions problem that I was experiencing. I had a web application (http://teamsites) which I’d setup and needed to start migrating sites to. When I went to create the site collection using createsite I got the following error: "Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))" (I got the same "Access is Denied" error when I attempted this via central admin). After doing some […]

Add User 2

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This is one of those commands that I really shouldn’t have had to create. All I wanted to do was use stsadm to add an AD group to a site collection. Unfortunately the built-in adduser command requires email address and display name. The display name wasn’t a huge deal but requiring an email just messed me up. So I created my own adduser command which allowed the email to be optional so that AD groups […]

Personalization Service Permissions

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While walking another IT user through the SSP admin interface the other day I discovered that even though the user was a Farm Administrator that user was not able to get into certain pages within the SSP admin site (such as the profile properties page). Turns out that there’s additional permissions that must be granted via the "Personalization Service Permissions" page located under the "User Profiles and My Sites" section. As my goal is to […]

Copy List Security (permissions) Settings

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I got a comment the other day on my blog about an issue with the copying/importing of lists. The problem was that the security settings on the list were not being preserved during the import. The natural assumption is that if I specify "-includeusersecurity" that any permissions on the list would be preserved. In other words, if my source list was not inheriting permissions on the list itself, a folder, or an individual item, then […]

User Profile Properties

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After running our upgrade and inspecting the user profile properties on the SSP that we created it was quickly discovered that some properties needed to be modified. Some of the changes were as simple as determining whether or not the property should be visible on the profile page or whether the user should be allowed to edit the property and some of them needed to be mapped to the corresponding field in Active Directory. As […]

User Profile Privacy Policies

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One of the new features with SharePoint 2007 is the ability to determine who can see different profile properties when looking at a users profile page. This is a great and necessary feature as it makes sure that various privacy concerns are addressed. My company’s privacy policies state that no personal information is to be displayed on our intranet – that includes things such as the birth date and home phone number. By default when […]

Enumerate Effective Base Permissions

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I created this command because I was trying to debug an issue I was having. If you go through the central admin and remove a site permission for a web app (central admin > app management > user permissions for web applications) certain functionality that should work regardless of what setting you’ve removed no longer functions. For example – I removed “Apply Themes and Borders” for my intranet app: I then went to site settings […]