Service Accounts and Managed Service Accounts in SharePoint 2010

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With SharePoint 2010 we now have the ability to allow SharePoint to manage various service accounts thus foregoing the need to have IT administrators manually manage password changes. This new feature is a great benefit to SharePoint administrators and security conscious admins in general as it allows us to easily enforce our corporate security policies by changing these passwords on a schedule, and the administrators don’t even know what the password is so the likelihood […]

SharePoint 2010 Service Application Charts

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I, along with Paul Stork, recently gave a SharePoint 2010 deployment webcast where we discussed, among other things, Service Applications and some of the considerations that must be taken into account when planning your deployment strategy. We also presented a first look at SharePoint Composer and SharePoint Maestro, the two core products that ShareSquared has been developing for close to a year now. During the presentation we mentioned that there were some great charts available […]