Custom Field Types and WSS 4.0′s XSLT-based Field Type

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I just posted an article related to the List View Web Part and WSS 4.0’s XSLT-based List View Web Part – I had known about this change for quite some time but this other change was new to me.  It appears that there will now be a new XSLT-based field type.  The following article discusses the upgrade issues for custom field types: The CustomFieldType rule in Pre-Upgrade Checker in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Service Pack […]

Custom List Views and WSS 4.0′s XSLT-based List View

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Some of us have known about this for a while but we’ve been unable to talk about it until now – Microsoft released the following article two days ago: The CustomListView rule in Pre-Upgrade Checker can warn that customized list views that will not be upgraded.  Read this article closely because for those of you that hate the List View Web Part as much as I do you’ll be extremely pleased to hear about the […]