Announcing My SharePoint 2010 PowerShell Cmdlets & STSADM Commands Now Available for Download

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I’ve been wanting to release the SharePoint 2010 version of my STSADM extensions for quite some time but honestly just haven’t had the time to migrate as many as I would have liked. With over 145 STSADM extensions for SharePoint 2007 it was a challenge determining which ones I should focus on initially for the migration. But today I’m happy to announce my initial release which contains 46 PowerShell cmdlets and 56 STSADM commands specific […]

SharePoint 2010: STSADM and PowerShell

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The information in this article is based on BETA 2 of SharePoint 2010 – there will likely be differences with the RTM release. Finally, the NDA is lifted and we can openly talk about SharePoint 2010! There’s so many cool things to talk about it’s hard to decide where to begin, but as the focus of my blog has generally been on STSADM then I suppose that’s a good place to start. The first thing […]

Setting Back Connection Host Names for SharePoint 2007 Using STSADM

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Not too long ago Microsoft introduced a security fix which addresses a possible attack vector in which malicious software tries to impersonate a local request, thereby bypassing certain constraints.  The problem with this fix is that it introduces some issues for SharePoint servers, effectively resulting in 401.1 Access Denied errors.  Spence Harbar does a great write-up of the fix and the options available to get your SharePoint environment working again so I won’t re-hash all […]

Download My Custom Extensions Source From CodePlex

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I’ve been putting this off for a long time but I decided that it was time to push my source code for my custom STSADM commands and PowerShell CmdLets to CodePlex.  You can find the project here: Note that if you want to download the latest tested release you should still do so from my downloads page on this blog but if you want to see the version history or get some checked in […]

Setting List Properties using STSADM

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Recently I had a reader of my blog send me a modified version of my gl-addlist command in which he added some additional properties to set a couple of the SPList properties (specifically the versioning settings).  In thinking about this I decided that it might be helpful to have a command specifically for setting most of the SPList properties rather than try to incorporate them into a more general command like the gl-addlist command so […]

Creating Default Site Groups After Creating Site Collections Using STSADM

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I got an email from Jennifer Davis today asking why, when she ran my gl-createsiteindb command, did the default site groups not show up in the site collection, specifically the “<site name> Members”, “<site name> Owners”, and “<site name> Visitors” groups.  Upon digging further she realized that this behavior was not limited to my command as the out-of-the-box createsite and createsiteinnewdb commands exhibited the same behavior. Basically what’s happening is that if you create the […]

Importing Audiences using STSADM

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I recently posted about exporting audiences using my gl-exportaudiences STSADM command.  Of course an export wouldn’t be of much use if you didn’t also have an import so I give you gl-importaudiences. Developing this was really easy as I already had code that created an audience and its associated rules.  All I had to do was read in the source XML file, do a little refactoring of the audience creation code and then call the […]

Exporting Audiences using STSADM

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I’d been wanting to build an export and import command for Audiences for quite some time but just haven’t gotten around to it.  I’m currently looking for a good sample command to build during a possible talk at the next Best Practices conference so I decided to give this one a whack considering that I already had a good chunk of the code written and just needed to repurpose it.  I don’t know if I’ll […]

Configuring SSO via STSADM

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I can’t actually take credit for this particular command – in fact I’ve never configured SSO so I personally don’t know much about it.  I got the code from Stef van Hooijdonk who graciously provided the code he produced. I made a few minor changes to Stef’s code just to bring it in line with the rest of my code but otherwise it’s as was provided to me – as such I’m not really prepared […]

New Issue with STSADM MergeContentDB

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I just saw this post on the SharePoint forums: – it appears that there’s a possibility for data corruption when using the STSADM mergecontentdb command.  The post details a few things you can do to reduce the possibility of corruption when using the command but it would appear that the hidden message is to use Backup/Restore until a fix is released.