Set Available Site Templates

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One of the common tasks that administrators will need to perform across various site collections upon initial deployment is to set which site templates (and page layouts) are available for creating subsites and pages. You can do this via the Site Collection Site Settings page (Site Settings -> Page Layout and Site Template Settings). If you need to script it like I did then you’ll need to get a PublishingWeb object (via the static PublishingWeb.GetPublishingWeb() […]

Quota Templates

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The following is a list of quota related commands that I have created and are available for download from this site. 1. gl-createquotatemplate Creating a quota template can be done using the central administration tool by going to “Central Administration > Application Management > Quota Templates”. This command will create a quota template in the same way as is done via the central administration tool. C:\>stsadm -help gl-createquotatemplate stsadm -o gl-createquotatemplate Creates a new quota […]

Getting Started with STSADM Extensions

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Before I talk about the commands that I’ve created I wanted to spend a moment to show how I’ve approached the creation of the commands. If you’re faced with a situation like mine where you have to automate numerous MOSS configurations then you basically have two options – the first is to use STSADM (and possibly custom extensions) and the third is to just write your own console or WinForm app and plug away against […]