Recent Custom STSADM Extensions Bug Fixes

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For those that follow me on twitter ( you probably already know about these fixes but I’ll try to provide more details here.  While I was waiting to start my new job (see my previous post) I decided to take a look at a few of the STSADM commands that I built and fix some things that’s been nagging me for a while.  The one I spent the most time on was the gl-convertsubsitetositecollection command […]

New STSADM Commands and Parameters with SharePoint 2007 SP2

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I was working on getting SP2 installed so that I could write this post and then I saw that my buddy Todd Klindt beat me to the punch:  But, as Todd only listed the new commands I figured I’d continue with what I was planning which was to show the commands and the new parameters added to existing commands. To do this I threw together a quick PowerShell script which parses the output of […]

Backup/Restore Now Supported Between Farms (via April CU)

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I just saw a very exciting blog post from Stefan Goßner regarding the April 2009 Cumulative Update (CU) – with this update you can now use backup and restore to move site collections between farms:  So first off, yes there is an April CU even though SP2 just came out a couple of days ago (think about it – SP2 has been cooked for a while but they’ve been testing, writing SDK docs, etc., […]

PowerShell CmdLet Name Changes

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Ever since I released my PowerShell CmdLets I’ve been unhappy about my choice to use the -gl in the name of the cmdlet.  I felt it would be useful for numerous reasons but I didn’t like that it “broke the rules” of cmdlet naming conventions.  And then Microsoft announced, via the PowerShell team blog, that some code will be added to V2 to enforce the prescribed naming conventions.  You can find the post here:  […]

SPDisposeCheck Released

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This is a must have!  If you do any kind of SharePoint development then you should strongly consider downloading the recently released SPDisposeCheck tool:  This tool analyzes your assemblies and helps to identify potential memory leaks.  I should note that you need to truly evaluate each result because not every item should be considered a show stopper – you need to understand the various dispose patterns and should use this tool as a quick […]

WSS Build of My STSADM Extensions

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If you’re a WSS v3 user this will hopefully make you happy – I’ve reworked my custom extensions so that there is now a WSS specific build.  This means that you can download the source and debug in a pure WSS environment and you will also no longer be plagued by commands being available but not working either at all (because they’re just for MOSS) or only partially because I had one small MOSS specific […]

Content Deployment QFE Pack Now Available

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I just saw a couple of posts from AC and Spence regarding the release of the Content Deployment QFE Pack: I won’t reiterate what they’ve already done a good job stating.  My point of this post is to ask those who have previously commented on my blog about issues with the CD to please post any follow-up information you may have if you end up deploying the QFE and re-run the scenario that […]

Minor Update

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I’ve pushed out a minor update to my code which affects several commands.  Any command that took in an URL to a list view will now work with an URL to the list folder or the list view.  For example, the gl-publishitems command will work using either of the two syntaxes: stsadm -o gl-publishitems -url http://demo/pages/forms/allitems.aspx -scope list stsadm -o gl-publishitems -url http://demo/pages -scope list This is the case for all of my commands that […]

Breaking Change to My Extensions

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If you’ve been using my extensions for a while there’s a good chance that you have one or more scripts written that use the extensions.  If that’s the case then my apologies for this particular change – to prevent name clashes with Microsoft and other stsadm developers that are out there I’ve decided to bite the bullet and prefix all of my commands with "gl-".  This is something that I should have been doing all […]

Namespace and Filename Changes (plus 5 new commands)

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I’ve just pushed out a new build which renames all the files and namespaces. If you download this latest build you will have to uninstall the previous build if previously installed. To uninstall delete the stsadmcommands.edfinancial.xml file from the "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\CONFIG" folder. Also delete the Edfinancial.SharePoint.STSADM.Commands.dll file from the bin folder (under the above mentioned config folder – assuming you copied to this location). You’ll also want to remove the dll […]