Upgrading User Profile Choice Fields to SharePoint 2010

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I’m working on an upgrade (database attach) for a client of mine and I ran into something somewhat unexpected with some User Profile properties – properties that used a choice field in 2007 (fields that allowed the administrator to define a list of values that the user could pick from) were migrated to Managed Term Store based fields when upgraded. At first glance this was pretty cool; the only problem was that, though the field […]


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This is one of those things that I just shouldn’t have had to create. So I’m going through my upgrade and I come to the point where I’m ready to start scripting the upgrade of the individual team sites (I’d been focusing on the upgraded Areas up until now). I figured no problem – this will be easy, all the documentation says I just need to use the built-in "upgrade" command – simply pass in […]

Update V2 to V3 Area Url Mappings

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So I’ve been moving my web sites all around, completely changing the hierarchy, creating new site collections, etc., and I discovered that whenever I hit a link that still pointed to an old bucket web (http://intranet/c16/ebusiness instead of http://intranet/topics/divisions/ebusiness) it loaded up a page called spsredirect.aspx which was supposed to redirect me to the new, correct link. Unfortunately because I’ve moved things around the page was returning a 404. After disassembling the spsredirect page (Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.WebControls.SPSRedirectPage) […]