Monitor SharePoint User Profile Changes

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Today I got my copy of the May 2011 edition of SharePoint Pro magazine and was pleased to find the “Monitor SharePoint User Profile Changes” article that I co-wrote with my buddy Matthew McDermott! The cool thing for me is that this is my first ever magazine article so I’m very excited! You can find the article online at the SharePoint Pro site: Note that for some reason the online version of the article […]

Upgrading User Profile Choice Fields to SharePoint 2010

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I’m working on an upgrade (database attach) for a client of mine and I ran into something somewhat unexpected with some User Profile properties – properties that used a choice field in 2007 (fields that allowed the administrator to define a list of values that the user could pick from) were migrated to Managed Term Store based fields when upgraded. At first glance this was pretty cool; the only problem was that, though the field […]

Importing Profile Properties

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The project that I’m currently on has a test environment in which many configurations were made to the user profile properties settings.  I just began the process of building out their production environment and was faced with a minor issue – how do I get all the settings that have been applied to the test environments profile properties migrated to the production environment in a reliable and repeatable way?  I took a look around and […]

Profile Import Timer Job

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I was recently trying to debug some issues that I was having with the people picker that is shown when creating audiences and I found that I needed a way to manually trigger the distribution list import quickly but I didn’t always want to have to wait for the user profile import to finish.  If you run an import using the SSP admin site you might notice that it imports all the user profile information […]

User Profile Properties

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After running our upgrade and inspecting the user profile properties on the SSP that we created it was quickly discovered that some properties needed to be modified. Some of the changes were as simple as determining whether or not the property should be visible on the profile page or whether the user should be allowed to edit the property and some of them needed to be mapped to the corresponding field in Active Directory. As […]

User Profile Privacy Policies

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One of the new features with SharePoint 2007 is the ability to determine who can see different profile properties when looking at a users profile page. This is a great and necessary feature as it makes sure that various privacy concerns are addressed. My company’s privacy policies state that no personal information is to be displayed on our intranet – that includes things such as the birth date and home phone number. By default when […]

My Site Settings

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This command replaces the gl-setmysitesnamingformat command as it includes the same functionality along with additional capabilities. I had originally created the gl-setmysitesnamingformat command to address a need to set the naming format of personal sites and I originally didn’t think I’d have to worry about the other settings on the My Sites Settings page but turns out that I did need to set one other field. So rather than create another command for just one […]

User Profile Default Access Account

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This ended up being one of those simple commands to create that took way to long to figure out how to create. Fortunately though there is an API available for setting this property (unlike most of the profile import related tasks such as the timer jobs). You can set this manually by going here: Shared Services Administration: SSPName > User Profile and Properties > Configure Profile Import. Or you can do the same thing programmatically […]

Set User Profile Import Schedule

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Update 9/18/2007: I’ve modified this command so that it no longer manipulates the database directly. The content below has been updated to reflect the changes. This particular command which I called gl-setuserprofileimportschedule, really drove me nuts. As far as I could find there is no way to set this information using any Microsoft provided public API. If you disassemble the code that is doing this you’ll find lots of great classes that allow programmatic manipulation […]

Set Picture URL Property

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Within our SPS 2003 environment we stored employee pictures in a picture library. We then set the users Picture URL profile property to point to their picture in this library. The problem was that as soon as we upgraded the paths to these pictures no longer worked. Our pictures were previously found under the path "http://intranet/HumanResources/EmployeePictures/" but after the upgrade the path changed to http://intranet/Topics/Divisions/HumanResources/EmployeePictures/. So we needed a way to reset the path for […]