Move a Web Part on a Page

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This particular command was one that I didn’t actually need but rather I needed a starting place for a couple other commands that I did need (to be documented) and moving a web part seemed a simple enough starting place for manipulating web parts. So this one was really just a template for my other commands but it works rather well and who knows, maybe someone will benefit from it. Moving a web part is […]

Enumerate Page Web Parts

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As part of the upgrade I needed to be able to fix some web parts that did not migrate correctly (either during the upgrade itself or as a result of moving a web). Before I started messing around with the web parts though I wanted to be able to see what I was dealing with. So I decided to create this simple command called gl-enumpagewebparts that would enable me to list out in XML all […]

Security for Web Part Pages

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In SharePoint Portal Server 2003 we had allowed users to add web parts from the online web part gallery. In going to MOSS 2007 we decided that we no longer wanted users to be able to do this as it tended to reduce the security of the site and adversely affect performance (not to mention that fact that it was annoying having a weather web part on every page). As part of my upgrade script […]