I just reached a milestone – 100 commands!!! And that’s not counting the 6 additional that are code complete but just not documented yet! When I originally set out creating this thing I expected that maybe I’d have a dozen or so commands but who knew that I’d keep finding so many things to do with STSADM?

I thought that I’d share some interesting stats about the usage of this blog and it’s commands – here’s a screen shot from Google Analytics showing the activity since I started tracking it in September of 2007:

I’m currently seeing just under 600 visitors a day during the week (which probably doesn’t sound like much to some people but for me is pretty dang good). The commands have been downloaded over 4400 times from people in 119 countries. There have been 27,500 unique visitors and approximately 43,000 visits to the site. The most visited page (and therefore the most popular command) is the gl-convertsubsitetositecollection command with 4,371 views. The gl-importlist, gl-exportlist, and gl-copylist commands are the next most popular with 3,662 views. Of course, these commands have been around a lot longer than many but their stats continue to grow. The thing that I think is the coolest though – 10% of my traffic is direct traffic – people who know my blog and are explicitly checking it out (most likely because they’ve subscribed to my feed which is really cool too)!

I’ve really enjoyed working on all these commands and I truly appreciate all the great feedback and questions that so many people have posted to the blog. SharePoint is such a large product and I’m learning new things every day so I expect that I’ll have plenty more to contribute (whether in the form of new extensions or other “stories from the field”). Thanks for hanging with me and keep posting your comments – I love hearing that this stuff is helping people – it makes it worth the effort!!!