If you’ve been using my extensions for a while there’s a good chance that you have one or more scripts written that use the extensions. If that’s the case then my apologies for this particular change – to prevent name clashes with Microsoft and other stsadm developers that are out there I’ve decided to bite the bullet and prefix all of my commands with “gl-”. This is something that I should have been doing all along and I highly encourage anyone developing their own extensions to do something similar.

If you just don’t want to take the time to rework all your scripts to use the new names then you can always do a simple search and replace on the stsadmcommands.lapointes.xml file and just remove the “gl-” thus undoing the change. To make this easier I’ve decided to not rename the remainder of the command (so for the adduser2 command, for example, I wanted to change it to gl-adduser but I decided to leave it as gl-adduser2 so as to make it easier for those that just really don’t like my initials).

This change will also make it easier for administrators to identify these custom commands as just that, custom – you’ll also be able to list all of the commands by using the following command:

C:\>stsadm -help | find "gl-"

If you’re using my sample install script I’ve uploaded an updated version of it so if you haven’t changed anything other than the variables file then you should be able to just download the updated copy.

Again – I apologize for the inconvenience but hopefully you’ll agree that this is a good change and will help to get this little hobby of mine into a more professional and community friendly state.