If you’re a WSS v3 user this will hopefully make you happy – I’ve reworked my custom extensions so that there is now a WSS specific build. This means that you can download the source and debug in a pure WSS environment and you will also no longer be plagued by commands being available but not working either at all (because they’re just for MOSS) or only partially because I had one small MOSS specific feature that’s not necessary for WSS.

If you look at the top of my blog (or in the right nav) you will now see an additional download option for a WSS WSP file. If you’re a WSS only environment you’ll want to install this (make sure you retract any previous installation of my commands – because this file is a different name it won’t force you to do so but you will definitely want to).

When you deploy the extensions there will now be three files for the MOSS install and two files for the WSS install:

  • Lapointe.SharePoint.STSADM.Commands.dll (MOSS and WSS – goes in the GAC)
  • stsadmcommands.moss.lapointe.xml (MOSS only)
  • stsadmcommands.wss.lapointe.xml (MOSS and WSS)

If you download the source you will see that the original “Debug” and “Release” configurations have been replaced with those specific to either MOSS or WSS:

All I’m doing is using a simple conditional compilation symbol, “MOSS”, which I use to wrap all MOSS specific code within. I’m hoping to find some time to also rework the index of commands that I have which is really just a jumbled mess. This should make it easier to see what’s available.

I hope people will find this rework beneficial and, as always, your feedback is most welcome and appreciated!