I had an absolutely great time at the MVP Summit this year. It was great being able to sit with the product teams and see all the absolutely spectacular stuff that they’ve been working on. I’m truly excited to start working with it and I know my customers are going to love the new features. There’s a few things here and there that I hope gets changed before RTM but in the grand scheme of what has been done it’s all pretty minor stuff – the product teams have really been doing an excellent job based on where I was sitting.

Even if I couldn’t see all the great new O14 stuff all the social activities would have made the trip worth it – hanging out with all the super stars of the SharePoint world was awesome (and humbling). Paintball was a blast, as usual – having a wooded forest to play in added a nice new element to it but speedball was still my favorite part of the day (all that Gears of War I’ve been playing appeared to have helped me out this year 🙂 ). I can’t wait for the SPC in October when I’ll get a chance to catch up with everyone again. To all the MVPs – it was great spending time with all of you and I’ll see you in October!