Ever since I released my PowerShell Cmdlets I’ve been unhappy about my choice to use the -gl in the name of the cmdlet. I felt it would be useful for numerous reasons but I didn’t like that it “broke the rules” of cmdlet naming conventions. And then Microsoft announced, via the PowerShell team blog, that some code will be added to V2 to enforce the prescribed naming conventions. You can find the post here: http://blogs.msdn.com/powershell/archive/2009/04/16/increasing-visibility-of-cmdlet-design-guidelines.aspx. The specific piece of concern is that a warning will be generated if more than one hyphen is present in the cmdlet name.

As a result of this enforcement of the guidance and in anticipation of eventually having a V2 version of my cmdlets I decided to go ahead and pull the -gl suffix from my cmdlet names. I thought about keeping an alias in place so that existing scripts would not break but in the end decided that there was probably a pretty small user base actually using my them and that it would be better to just get people to make the move. I will try and update my existing PowerShell posts to account for the removal of the name (guess it’s a good thing I’m behind on documenting most of them 🙂 ).