While preparing for my two PowerShell talks that I presented at the European SharePoint Best Practices Conference last week in London, I soon discovered that I had way too much content to present. Specifically, I wanted to begin both talks with a “PowerShell 101” piece where I walked through some of the more basic concepts relevant to each audience (mainly those that I always got tripped up on); unfortunately there’s just too many things to choose from and I couldn’t possibly show everything I wanted. Well, I happened to be in Orlando the week before I left for the conference and I had a chance to talk with Rob Bogue about what my plans were – well, to make a long story short, Rob had stated that the one thing he’d love to have is a simple, one-page cheat sheet showing some common syntactical examples. I thought this was not only a great idea in general but could also help solve my problem for my presentations – now I didn’t have to show everything during my talk, I could just show those bits that warranted more explanation and then provide everyone the cheat sheet as a handout for later review. And of course, I never planned on limiting the audience to just the attendees of the conference, though I did want them to be the first recipients. So, feel free to download my Windows PowerShell Cheat Sheet and good luck with all your PowerShell endeavors!