I’ve been pretty slow to learning how to use github for the management of my open source projects but I’ve finally managed to take the time to at least learn enough so that I could move my main projects over. I don’t know that I’ve got everything done exactly the way it should be as I kind of stumbled through it a bit but I think what I’ve got so far should be a good start for anyone who wants to download the releases or see or contribute to the source.

You can find all of my repositories by going to my profile page: https://github.com/glapointe?tab=repositories.

As of right now I just have three repositories:

  • PowerShell-MamlGenerator: https://github.com/glapointe/PowerShell-MamlGenerator
    • This is what I use to dynamically generate the help files for my SharePoint cmdlet projects. I took some time to pull this out into its own solution so that the other projects simply have a dependency on the compiled assembly and don’t require you to pull down the source to the project.
  • PowerShell-SPCmdlets: https://github.com/glapointe/PowerShell-SPCmdlets
    • This repository contains the source code for the SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 cmdlets. On the releases page you can find the downloads for the various Foundation and Server WSPs.
  • PowerShell-SPOCmdlets: https://github.com/glapointe/PowerShell-SPOCmdlets
    • This repository contains the source code for my SharePoint Online cmdlets. The releases page contains the download for the installer.

If you have direct links to any of the old downloads then those links will no longer work as I’ve removed the files to make sure folks are getting the latest version.

I welcome any feedback regarding how I can better use github with my projects – as I noted, I’m kind of new to this and I’m eager to learn/improve.