Woohoo! – I finally get to deprecate one of my commands – after creating and publishing 135 commands I discovered today that the August Cumulative Update fixes the issue that my gl-fixpagecontact command sought to address. If you look back at the post for that command you can see that there was a bug with the product which resulted in a user not found exception being thrown when looking at the settings of a publishing page. This happened in couple of different situations but the easiest way to trigger it was to simply delete the user that created the page (or that was assigned as the page contact or that last modified the page) from the site collection. When you did this and then visited the settings page you would get an error similar to the following:

User Cannot Be Found Error Message

The error would vary slightly depending on whether or not the field was the Contact, CreatedBy, or LastModifiedBy field. I decided to revisit this command due to a comment that was posted on the post related to it which asked if the command could be modified to handle the CreatedBy and LastModifiedBy fields (I was only handling the Contact field). I did some digging and have not yet discovered a way to update these two fields for a document library (if anyone has a way to do this please let me know) so I decided to send an email out to Paul Andrew to see if the bug had already been addressed – I usually pay attention to what fixes went into each update but I guess I missed this because within just a few minutes I got a response from Paul stating that this was indeed fixed with the August update (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/956056 and http://support.microsoft.com/kb/956057). So I decided to go ahead and update my development machine to confirm this and Merry Christmas it worked! After the updates got installed the settings page loaded fine and the invalid fields were set to my system account – now I’m not sure what logic is used here to determine what user is used – I was logged in with my system account so I don’t know if it’s using the logged in user or the system account but regardless, the page loads and that’s the important part.

So I am now officially deprecating this command – I’ll keep it in with the package but I won’t be supporting it further now that I can finally tell people to just install the update! Thank you Paul for your help and quick responses!!!