I recently presented at the SharePoint Saturday Denver event where I, rather rapidly, went through some SharePoint 2010 PowerShell stuff – the presentation was not meant as a general PowerShell overview but instead assumed that you already had at least a basic knowledge of PowerShell in general so that we could focus on SharePoint specific things. In the presentation I went over how to find the SharePoint cmdlets, threading and disposal issues, usage scenarios, remoting, and building custom cmdlets. There was a ton of information but we managed to get through all of it and only ran about 5 minutes over.

If you’re interested in viewing the slide deck you can download it here: PowerShell_with_SharePoint_2010.pptx

I’ve embedded the demo script that I used during the talk as well. If you look in the notes on the first slide and on the remoting slide you’ll see the PowerShell that I went through during the demo. The farm creation and site structure creation scripts can be found in my previous posts.

For those that attended and are wondering how I got the demos to work without having to type check out this post on the PowerShell team blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/powershell/archive/2007/06/03/new-and-improved-start-demo.aspx.