Update 10/25/2017: The ITUnity.com site no longer exists and as such my articles and author profile aren’t there any more. I’ve reposted the articles on my own blog and updated the links below to point to them instead of ITUnity.

You may have noticed that my blog has been kind of quiet lately – the reason is because I’ve been devoting some time to help hydrate the ITUnity site with some core PowerShell articles. As I write this I’ve currently got 10 articles published – these articles are all part of a continuing series devoted to using PowerShell to manipulate SharePoint Online. I’ve got a couple more articles, which may turn into several more articles, to complete in order to round out the series at which point I’ll then start doing more random topics that focus on both SharePoint On-premises and SharePoint Online (as well as a some general PowerShell or rather non-SharePoint specific PowerShell tips and tricks).

You can find all the articles I’ve written by viewing my author profile page on the ITUnity site: http://www.itunity.com/users/gary-lapointe. Here’s the list of articles that are a part of the SharePoint Online series that I’m currently working on:

  1. Introduction to the SharePoint Online Management Shell
  2. Exploring the SharePoint Online Cmdlets
  3. Working with the SharePoint Online Site Collection Cmdlets
  4. Connecting to SharePoint Online Using the SharePoint CSOM API with Windows PowerShell
  5. Using the SharePoint CSOM API with SharePoint Online and Windows PowerShell
  6. Loading Specific Values Using Lambda Expressions and the SharePoint CSOM API with Windows PowerShell
  7. Completing Basic Operations Using the SharePoint CSOM API and Windows PowerShell
  8. Using the SharePoint REST Service with Windows PowerShell
  9. Using a Custom Windows PowerShell Function to Make SharePoint REST Service Calls
  10. Working with Lists and List Items Using the SharePoint REST Service and Windows PowerShell
  11. Working with Folders and Files using the SharePoint REST Service and Windows PowerShell

Astute readers of my blog may notice that some of the topics listed above are similar to posts I’ve previously had here – We wanted to make sure that any background information about topics such as the SharePoint Online Management Shell or working with the REST API existed on the ITUnity site rather than being dependent on articles on my blog so I took the opportunity to rework my articles from scratch so that there would be better continuity between the articles within the series.

I’ll continue to post some stuff on my blog but my focus for the near future will be to continue building the ITUnity site up with as much PowerShell content as I can – if you’re interested in contributing to the effort please let me know as I’m definitely eager to get more authors involved so that we can have some diversity of content, topics, and opinions.